Evolution Game Update

Creator Kennnyshiwa has made some updates to the evolution game to provide the best possible experience for our users!

Animal payouts have changed. The higher level the animal, the more frequent payouts. For example, lower level animals pay out once per day. The frequency increases to up to once per minute for some of the highest animals.

A new daily market has been created to enhance the experience of buying animals! You can view this market with the command "!e market daily". This will show you available animals to buy. Animals are marked with the letter "S," "A," or "B." An "S" indicates a very good deal. An "A" means that the animals are available to buy, and "B"will appear when you've made a purchase.

The animals you purchase from the daily market have a chance to go into your stash. If this happens, you then have to claim those with "!e stash claim" before they will earn you credits.

The command to buy animals has changed slightly to accommodate the creation of the daily market. Use the command "!e market store" and follow it with the level and amount of the animal you want to buy.

Enjoy these updates to the evolution game, and thanks for using BB-8!

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