Adventure Game Update

Time for another Adventure update!

This update introduces a new mode called hard mode. In this mode, users can only see the monster. They get no insight into its health. With this new mode, a new class has also been added to the game: psychics.

When users are playing in hard mode, they will need to rely on the psychics to tell them where to focus their attacks. Psychics won't be for everyone. Only the bravest and strongest among you can become one and lead the charge. Click here to read the full change logs.

Beyond the mechanic changes there are also some incoming currency changes. The conversion rate to convert gold into credits and credits into gold has been changed becoming 10:5000. This means that 1 credit is now worth 10 gold and 5000 gold is worth 1 credit. For casino addicts, this will make withdraws more appealing while also making it a bit harder to get gold from just the bank.

Kennnyshiwa is also implementing a small reset for the bank leaderboard and forcing people to migrate their currency into adventure gold. Users will receive 500k gold per rebirth you have currently as credits. Users' current balance will become gold.

This is in effort to re-balance some ancient balances from the olden days and breathe some life into the leaderboard. The hope is to make it more competitive and a game within itself.

As always, have fun, stay safe, and thank you for your continued support of BB-8!


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