Info Commands

Statistics and other informational commands for help with using BB-8. Below you will find a full list of all commands that are classified under !help info.


!avatar: Sends the avatar of a person in the channel
!advusagecount: Detailed stats on events seen by the bot
!botstat: Detailed stats about the bot and its host machine
!bankstats: Show stats of the bank
!credits: Credits to all of those who help make BB-8 possible
!donate: Sends the link to donate to BB-8
!emoji: Post a large size emojis in chat
!graph: Render an image of a selected panel of BB-8 Stats
!listgraphs: List all panels that can be used with ,graph command
!info: Information about BB-8
!invite: Sends the invite link for BB-8
!licenseinfo: Shows on the license of Red (BB-8s Source) !licenseinfo: Shows on the license of Red (BB-8s Source)
!listemoji: Lists all available emojis in a server
!ping: Beep Boop
!pingtime: Ping Pong
!serverstats: Show who is most active in your server
!shards: Show shard information
!support: Sends the support server invite link
!Tools: Various informational commands
!usagecount: Information on messages sent and recieved by BB-8
!userinfo: Show information about a user