General Commands

Miscellaneous commands to add some excitement to your server


!choose: Choose between multiple options
!flip: Flip a coin... or a user
!lmgtfy: Create a lmgtfy link
!roll: Roll a random number
!rps: Play Rock Paper Scissors
!stopwatch: Start or stop the stopwatch
!yoda: Ask Yoda a question
!ark: Search for query on Intel's ARK
!bday: Birthday settings
!bb8: Angry droid noises
!bb8friends: Send a list of BB-8s friends
!catfact: Random Cat Fact
!chuck: Random Chuck Norris facts
!kanye: Random quote from yeezus
!order66: Execute Order 66
!tronald: Random dumb quotes from Donald Trump
!urban: Search the Urban Dictionary
!r6: Rainbow 6 Siege Statistics
!embed: Make embeds to put into a channel



!backgrounds: Gives a list of backgrounds
!badge: Badge configuration options
!lvladmin: Admin settings
!lvlinfo: Gives more specific details about a user's profile
!lvlset: Profile configuration options
!profile: Displays a user profile
!rank: Displays the rank of a user
!rep: Gives a reputation point to a designated player
!represet: Reset your rep cooldown for a price
!role: Role configuration.
!top: Displays the leaderboard.



!addgallery: Add a channel to the list of Gallery channels
!galleryrole: Add a whitelisted role
!gallerytime: Set how long (in seconds!!) the bot should wait before deleting non-images
!rmgallery: Remove a channel from the list of Gallery channels



!gameroles: Group command for game roles
!gameroleset: Config options for gameroles



!alliance: Lookup an Alliance with an ID
!bankinfo: Lookup bank info for your alliance
!citycost: Provides the cost of the next city accurate to +/- $10
!cityinfo: Provides information about the alliance linked to the ID given
!infra: Provides the cost of infra accurate to +/- $100,000.
!land: Provides the cost of land accurate to +/- $100,000.
!military: Military Lookup
!nation: Look up a nation.
!pnwcredits: Credits for the PNW cog
!top50: Show Top 50 Alliances
!tradeprice: Lookup current avg trading price for a resource



!charactersearch: Search for Harry Potter characters
!housesort: Find your Harry Potter House



Allows people to request things and have someone claim the request similar to a bounty system
!request: Request something
!requestset: Configuration settings for Request Box



!assign: Assign personal role to someone
!blacklist: Manage blacklisted names
!colour: Change color of personal role
!list: Assigned roles list
!name: Change name of personal role
!unassign: Unassign personal role from someone



!add: Add a subreddit to post new content from
!delay: Set the delay used to check for new content
!force: Force the latest post
!latest: Whether to fetch all posts or just the latest post
!list: Lists the current subreddits for the current channel
!remove: Removes a subreddit from the current channel



!apod: Astronomy Picture of the Day
!astronauts: Show who is currently in space
!isslocation: Show the Current location of the ISS
!spacepic: Look up pictures from space
!spaceset: Group commands for Space cog settings
!spacex: SpaceX group commands.



!remindme: Schedule a reminder DM from the bot
!schedule: Schedule something
!scheduleradmin: Administrative commands for scheduler
!showscheduled: Shows your scheduled tasks in this, or all channels
!unschedule: unschedule something



!star: Manually star a message
!starboard: Commands for managing the starboard



!sticky: Sticky a message to this channel
!unsticky: Remove the sticky message from this channel



Allows people to suggest things, useful for server feedback or suggestions. Note: you must set a channel first with !suggestset make before this will work
!suggest: Suggest something
!suggestset: Configuration settings for Request Box



!btn: Gets info on BTN
!ggn: Gets info on GGN
!mtv: Gets info on MTV
!ptp: Gets info on PTP
!red: Gets info on RED



!autotweet: Command for setting accounts and channels for posting
!tweets: Gets various information from Twitter's API