Game Commands

Learn how to play various games created for you to enjoy



!adventure: This will send you on an adventure!
!adventureset: Setup various adventure settings.
!aleaderboard: Print the leaderboard.
!backpack: This shows the contents of your backpack.
!bless: [Cleric Class Only]
!convert: Convert normal, rare or epic chests.
!equip: This equips an item from your backpack.
!forge: [Tinkerer Class Only]
!heroclass: This allows you to select a class if you are Level 10
!loadout: Setup various adventure settings.
!loot: This opens one of your precious treasure chests.
!music: [Bard Class Only]
!negaverse: This will send you to fight a nega-member!
!patreon: Patron reward



!adventurealert: Set notifications for all adventures
!cartalert: Set notifications for carts appearning
!dragonalert: Set notifications for dragons appearing in adventure
!minibossalert: Set notifications for minibosses appearing in adventure



!battleship: Start a game of battleship
!battleshipboard: View your current board in an ongoing game
!battleshipset: Config options for battleship
!battleshipstop: Stop the game of battleship in this channel



!cahcredits: Code credits
!cahgames: Displays up to 10 CAH games in progress
!chat: Broadcasts a message to the other players in your game
!flushhand: Flushes the cards in your hand - can only be done once per game
!game: Displays the game's current status
!hand: Shows your hand
!idlekick: Sets whether or not to kick members if idle for 5 minutes
!joinbot: Adds a bot to the game. Can only be done by the player who started the game
!joincah: Join a Cards Against Humanity game. If no id passed joins a random game
!laid: Shows who laid their cards and who hasn't
!lay: Lays a card or cards from your hand. If multiple cards are needed separate them with commas (1,2,3)
!leavecah : Leaves the current game you're in
!newcah: Starts a new Cards Against Humanity game
!pick: As the judge - pick the winning card(s)
!removebot: Removes a bot from the game. Can only be done by the player who started the game
!removeplayer: Removes a player from the game. Can only be done by the player who started the game
!score: Display the score of the current game



!allin: Bets all your currency for a chance to win big
!blackjack: Play a game of blackjack
!coin: Coin flip game with a 50/50 chance to win
!craps: Plays a modified version of craps
!cups: Guess which cup of three is hiding the coin
!dice: Roll a set of dice and win on 2, 7, 11, 12
!double: Play a game of Double Or Nothing
!hilo: Pick high, low, or 7 in a dice rolling game
!war: Play a modified game of war



!duel: Duel another player
!duels: Show the duels leaderboard
!protect: Manage the protection list (adds items)
!protected: Displays the duel protection list
!unprotect: Manage the protection list (removes items)



!bank: Manage the bank
!daily: Check if you have voted on in the last 12 hours and get a bonus
!leaderboard: Print the global leaderboard
!payday: Get some free currency
!payouts: Show the payouts for the slot machine
!slot: Use the slot machine



!e backyard: Where ya animals live! Pass 1 or true to put it in a menu
!e buy: Buy those animals to get more economy credits
!e evolve: Evolve them animals to get more of da economy credits
!e shop: View them animals in a nice little buying menu
!e start: Start your adventure



!hangman: Play hangman with the bot
!hangmanset: Config options for hangman



!minesweeper: Starts a game of minesweeper!spoilerms: Starts a non-interactive game of minesweeper with spoilers



!monopoly: Play monopoly with 2-8 people
!monopolyset: Config options for monopoly
!monopolystop: Stop the game of monopoly in this channel.



!partygames: Group command for party games
!partygamesset: Config options for partygames



!race: Race related commands
!setrace: Race settings commands.



!russian: Start or join a game of russian roulette
!setrussian: Russian Roulette Settings group



!cooldowns: List your remaining cooldowns
!crime: Commit a crime, more risk but higher payout
!deposit: Deposit cash from your wallet to your bank
!rob: Rob another user
!wallet: Wallet commands
!withdraw: Withdraw cash from your bank to your wallet
!work: Work for some cash



!trivia: Start a trivia session from a category
!trviaset: Manage Trivia Settings