Audio Commands

Music and audio commands to enhance your Discord experience


audioset: Music configuration options
audiostats: Audio stats
autoplay: Starts auto play
bump: Bump a track number to the top of the queue
disconnect: Disconnect from the voice channel
eq: Equalizer management
genre: Pick a Spotify playlist from a list of categories to start playing
now: Now playing
pause: Pause or resume a playing track
percent: Queue percentage
play: Play a URL or search for a track
playlist: Playlist configuration options
prev: Skip to the start of the previously played track
queue: List the songs in the queue
remove: Remove a specific track number or url from the queue
repeat: Toggle repeat
search: Pick a track with a search
seek: Seek ahead or behind on a track by seconds or a to a specific place
shuffle: Toggle shuffle
skip: Skip to the next track, or to a given track number
stop: Stop playback and clear the queue
summon: Summon the bot to a voice channel
volume: Set the volume, 1% - 150%