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Created by kennnyshiwa #1337


About BB-8

Named for the iconic Star Wars droid, BB-8 is a multipurpose bot with 24/7 uptime for servers small and large with 450+ commands - including games, levels with role awards, and audio!
Created by kennnyshiwa #1337. Trusted by 5,600 servers and counting.


"BB-8 will always be 100% free with no costs to end users and with as close to 24/7 uptime as possible"

Creator Kennnyshiwa #1337


Example Features

Numerous Star Wars Easter eggs are hidden throughout the bot such as b!uptime and b!now (while playing music).

An advanced music player with the ability to save create your own playlists of any size. Includes tons of other features - including Spotify support!

A logging system for your server that reports when anything changes - server joins, leaves, role changes, message deletions or edits. Perfect for mods and admins.

Monopoly, Battleship, Minesweeper, Evolution, Hangman, Unbelievaboat style work, and tons of other fun games for server members to enjoy!

Get the latest picture of space from NASA with an automatic posting of the astronomy picture of the day.

An RPG-style adventure game with a customizable character sheet that puts you in control of your own adventures!


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